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The outdoor industry is collaborating to lead on climate action through the Climate Action Corps. Companies that join commit to measure, plan and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and share their progress annually. Together we are a force for climate action.

Download the Field Guide below to learn more about the Climate Action Corps program, benefits, cost and what to expect when you join.

Climate Action Corps Field Guide

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Dear Climate Action Corps members + prospective members,
First and most importantly, I hope that you and your families are staying well, staying safe and managing to find a silver lining during these bizarre times. We have heard myriad personal and business realities from many of you over the past few weeks as we all “adjust” to our new socially distant lives. Maybe you took a work call with a child on your lap or running wild in the background as you wondered how you’ll successfully add the role of teacher to your day job and parenting responsibilities. Maybe you are finding this a time to reflect and re-focus on personal or family values, to slow down, to enjoy the outdoors safely, and to gain perspective. Maybe you are busy as ever, working overtime to ensure the health and safety of your employees, and the viability of your business. Or maybe all of the above.
We wanted to take a moment to say we get it, and we’re here for you when you and your teams are ready to pick back up on the critical work of helping your company address that other crisis – the climate one. Below are some of the steps we are taking to help you continue to participate in the Climate Action Corps at a pace that works best for you and your organization.
While they might not feel as “here and now” as the widespread and devastating effects of COVID-19, the risks posed by climate change are real and increasing. Let this be an opportunity for us to reflect: What can we do to avert future potential disasters, before they are right in front of us causing irreversible damage? Put another way, as this Yale Environment article describes: if we wait until we can see the impact, it is too late to stop it. We are seeing right now the real impacts of unheeded calls to action, half-baked plans, and short-term thinking. We will still have a climate crisis when we get on the other side of this one, and we all need a plan.
To date, more than 60 outdoor industry companies have joined the Climate Action Corps and new companies are joining each week. You joined (or are considering joining) the Climate Action Corps because you believe that climate change poses an existential threat to the outdoors and to our industry. You share the vision that a world where our operations and supply chains are as energy efficient as possible; powered by clean, renewable energy; using low-carbon materials and processes; and driven by circular business models will ensure that our natural playgrounds and our businesses thrive for generations.
We all joined together to address climate change knowing that it would be a long-term endeavor, the next 10 years of which are critically important in order to prevent the worst impacts of climate change from happening. We have a lot to do by 2030, and we still need to pursue the original goals of the Climate Action Corps. But we want to move forward in a way that is flexible; keeps our community together; includes time to learn, plan, prep and, importantly, stay inspired.

Here is how we’ll proceed in the coming months, and we’ll plan to continuously check in and revisit our plan as the global situation and day-to-day personal and business realities evolve. Please share your feedback or questions with us at
Join us at any time.

  • You can still become a Founding Member throughout the month of April. Join at this link.*
  • We will hold New Member Orientation webinars the first Wednesday of every month, starting May 6. You can jump on to a scheduled webinar, or listen to a recording any time.
  • As a reminder, if you were already an SWG member, your Climate Action Corps dues can simply roll over.
  • Contact us if you have questions or if you are in need of more flexible payment terms at

Start when you can.

  • Climate Action Corps members will gain access to Part 1 of the Guidebook on April 22, when our new online community launches.
  • The focus for our first few months of work together in April and May will be orienting you to the Guidebook and online community resources, getting grounded in GHG accounting basics and estimator tools, and giving you plenty of time to create your own plan.
  • This calendar has been updated to reflect the new training schedule through the summer. Print it out and keep it handy!

Let’s stay together.

  • At a time when we must stay physically apart, collaboration is more important than ever. Our new online community will launch on April 22 for members and will become our virtual hangout and connection space – with resources, recorded webinars, short videos, discussions and the ability for you to connect with us and each other directly.
  • We will also be integrating short, educational videos and hosting webinars on relevant topics (e.g. supply chain mapping, partnering with your supply chain to save energy and cost) to complement the detailed GHG measurement training schedule and help you engage your internal teams. Stay tuned for a full schedule of virtual events! (Something you really want to learn about? Let us know:

Our vision, Positive Impact for People + Planet is the New Business as Usual, feels more relevant than ever. It’s ok to slow down for a bit. But let’s not lose sight of our long-term vision for a net-positive outdoor industry and embrace the potential opportunity this crisis presents to us – to build resilience and to reinvent our businesses and our industry for the better.

Amy Horton
Senior Director, Sustainable Business Innovation
*Note: “Supporting Organizations” – those that are not retailers, brands, manufacturers or packaging/logistics companies, but whose services are critical for helping the value chain reduce GHG emissions – can expect to hear from us soon on how to join and what to expect.

Committed Climate Action Corps Members