Webinar: LimeLoop – Sustainable Packaging in the E-Commerce Era

Speakers: Viola Sutanto and Chantal Emmanuel, LimeLoop

While an ever-growing percentage of shopping occurs online, our current methods for sending and receiving goods are designed for an in-store retail experience. As a result, we’re seeing a system that is heavily reliant on resource-heavy, single-use plastic and cardboard shippers to ship goods B2B and B2C. We’re also seeing a degradation of the consumer experience as brands struggle to translate in-person connections to the digital space, making it difficult to attract and retain customers. Learn how one company is approaching the problem of single-use shipping packaging with an innovative reusable solution.



Have questions about how outdoor industry companies are addressing sustainable packaging? Join your industry peers in the OIA Sustainability Working Group to learn and leverage the collective power of industry collaboration. For more information on sustainable packaging trends, visit the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and be sure to sign up for the OIA Sustainability Snapshot to get the latest info on outdoor industry sustainability webinars, projects and education.

About LimeLoop: LimeLoop’s goal is to replace the 165B single use packaging currently in use with our trackable and returnable smart shippers.

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Client Testimonials
“ Our customers love that we, as a brand have chosen a solution that helps them live out their values. They care about their own environmental impact, and by partnering with LimeLoop, we’re satisfying customers in new and different ways that helps us to offer a standout experience from end-to-end.” ~Erin Houston, CEO | wearwell

“ It’s been a wonderful experience. The LimeLoop concept is exciting because it’s designing a new solution that helps to reduce the need for making boxes out of post-consumer recycled materials.” ~Kelly Milazzo, VP of Operations | Toad&Co

I received a message from your mailing list about the mailer, and was so impressed I felt compelled to reach out and express my appreciation to you. ~Toad&Co customer

Speaker Bios

Viola Sutanto — Viola brings a visionary perspective to the future of products as both a successful creative and entrepreneur. Her dual background in design and business has led her to successfully develop and launch numerous products and brands from idea to store. As a design entrepreneur, Viola has worn many hats, from leading creative and product teams, developing a global supply chain at scale, growing sales teams, to building a long lasting brand with a group of like-minded folks. Beyond creating a good product, Viola believes that thoughtful solutions through a sustainable supply chain, the packaging experience and immersing the customer in a memorable experience is what will create a powerful brand. Her work has been featured on the Today Show, Real Simple, O magazine, OhJoy and numerous blogs and publications. She is also the author of “Packaging Your Crafts.”

Chantal Emmanuel — Chantal believes that leveraging the right technology at the right time has the power to solve
problems in magical ways.

Her career continually brings her to the intersection of technology and design. Previously as Lead Engineer at Red Clay she created a community and project management platform that engaged industrial designers and brands to develop ready for manufacture designs. Most recently, she’s worked for one of the leading consulting firms, SYPartners. There she partnered with clients at a number of Fortune 100 companies, guiding them through their digital strategy.