Issues Affecting Business

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From recreation and trade policy to chemicals management regulation and animal welfare, there are numerous issues outdoor industry companies must navigate on a daily basis. OIA helps provide the support needed to successfully anticipate and address these issues.

By convening collaborative groups of outdoor industry professionals, we are better positioned to identify and respond to industry concerns and business needs, whether on regulatory compliance, tariff relief, or better supply chain management.

Dedicated to ensuring the growth and success of our vibrant and unique business community, we work to help companies increase visibility into their supply chain, mitigate risk, and address regulatory compliance. We promote and support trade policy that is in line with outdoor industry interests and we work to protect the recreation areas so important to our industry and our community.

Staying informed and on top of issues such as responsible sourcing, climate, and regulatory compliance, is critical both to ensuring our industry’s success and maintaining our role as a leader in responsible and innovative business practice.